Compact Titan energy efficient dryer on typical high-speed coating application taking coating to point of immobilisation.

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Compact Corona, the only curved dryer in the world to provide optimum energy efficiency when used against drying cylinders.

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Before and after
profile control

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Apollo MK IV

The cost effective energy saving solution for the smaller machine and laminator but with all the benefits of the Compact advanced energy efficient technology.

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Emitter Upgrades

Did you know that you could halve the IR energy costs or double the evaporation capability of Impact, Itronic and IRT emitters by upgrading to the Compact replacement emitter range?

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Compact Engineering - Energy Efficient Drying Solutions

About Compact Engineering

Compact Engineering was born in Thirsk, N. Yorkshire in 1986 to deliver energy efficient solutions for the pulp and paper sector, specifically in the field of electric infrared. To achieve this, Compact was the first company to combine infrared heat transfer with the known mass transfer benefits of hot air and Compact is the only company to manufacture their own infrared lamps to guarantee high heat transfer efficiency.

Over the years, Compact has won a number of international awards for product and process innovation and Compact’s founder; David Klemz is a recipient of the Papermakers Gold Medal Award.

Compact Engineering also supply their award winning technology to the plastics, glass, food and automotive industries. Please read through our website and contact us for a bespoke solution for your application.